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2016 Hoeness is also expected to propose parole, due to the danger of his crimes is not high, the guilty plea is also very good, very promising for this request is approved, when Uli Hoeness does not need to go back to prison. Although Hoeness was released from prison and spending Christmas with her family, but it makes him sad things happened recently, Uli Hoeness on Saturday were forced to hand back his previous Bavaria cross. On July 15, 2002, Bavarian Governor Edmund Stoiber himself as Hoeness Medal, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the public welfare, but Hoeness on Saturday his wife Susie have returned the Medal of the Government of Bavaria. According to the Bild report, Hoeness returned the medals are not in voluntary, but pressure from the incumbent Governor of Bavaria Seehofer secretly. There is no legal requirement for breaking the winner must return the Medal, it's unwritten rules.

To stabilize the financial situation of the Club. The project is expected in the spring of 2016, and 2018 for completion. Project environmental impact assessment has been submitted to the local government, development costs have not been revealed. FIFA will announce  air max tr 180   Michael Garcia's bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup report, albeit in an appropriate way. But Blatter said the World Cup will not have to vote again. Blatter: published reports will not vote again under strong pressure from the public, FIFA announced that Garcνa will be published in an appropriate form of investigation report on the World Cup bid. Had a lot of people asked FIFA to be published in full. FIFA President Sepp Blatter said, although the report of the investigation will be published, but there is no legal basis for that to vote for the 2018 and 2022 world cups back. Garcia selective after published reports that he resigned during the previous FIFA, Blatter expressed regret that over the past two years, the Ethics Commission headed by Mr Garcia carried out detailed work, to ensure that FIFA's rules play an important role. Although we regret that Mr Garcia's exit, but I want to make it clear that, our commitment to ethical standards is greater than ever. Blatter also said that this report publication has become an obstacle in the form of obstacles to FIFA's credibility, but we need to ensure that the rules of the Organization, we have no breach of confidentiality.

I have to say, he could step out of injuries this season, back to goal, this and the team's new coach, Germany shuaishafu tactics had necessarily related. Scharff mountain into Frankfurt by the end of last season, he also taught for the team his best offensive play. Frankfurt Bundesliga scoring 34 goals this season, the team's goals after scoring 41 goals for the Bundesliga Giants Bayern Munich, scored 33 goals beat to second place in the Bundesliga Wolfsburg. But she conceded so many teams conceded hit 34 goals this season, is conceding second place team in the Bundesliga, a little better than  nike air max 1 loss of 39 goals in Bremen. Frankfurt coach Scharff coaching experience, while in Bremen, he was in charge, he and Elton had been pulled out the two Bundesliga top scorer Miroslav Klose, if Meyer last so that he is fully capable of winning individual Cannon's first career Bundesliga. 2009-2010 season with Manchester United in the last minute for up to 6 minutes of stoppage time, Owen shot noisy neighbor Manchester City 4-3. When Manchester City boss Mark Hughes was dissatisfied with, as the fourth referee gave only four minutes of injury-time.