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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho attacked Wenger failed expert; Moyes Manchester United thanked everyone after he was fired, but did not thank the Red Devils players. Before the Bayern Club President Uli Hoeness in a tax evasion scandal last year, on June 2 this year he was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment for convicted for tax evasion, and Landsberg prison. But the morning of December 24, Hoeness received Justice Department approval to return to spend Christmas at home with family, and even allowed for the first time at home for the night. The Munich daily, said Hoeness's wife Susie personally take her  nike air max classic bw   husband home at 9:45 A.M. in the day, on his way home by Susie drove, Uli Hoeness of the jail were forbidden to drive during sitting on the sidelines. According to the prison rules, Hoeness after the home is allowed to go out, but to stay at home with family for the holidays. While Bild also revealed that Uli Hoeness in weight during the nearly 7-month sentence has been reduced by more than 20 kilos, this is mainly because of the regular routine and the prison strictly scientific menu. Although this is Uli Hoeness in prison after the first night at home, but he is not allowed out of prison to visit family for the first time, this year's September meeting with Hoeness was home and family, but he must return to prison at night. Germany media pointed out that Uli Hoeness is expected to gain new privileges until next year, during the day out of prison, back to prison at night, Bayern are ready to put him in charge of the Club's Academy.

Kovacevic Darko Kovacevic, Sheffield Wednesday before the Premier League, Kovacevic in Belgrade, Red Star, with 47 37 goals in an efficient, but after his 2 million move to Sheffield, he scored 4 goals in 16 appearances, less than six months validity would be resold to Real Sociedad. 39. Meyer, Erik Meijer, Liverpool Netherlands striker in 1999 on a free transfer from Bayer Leverkusen into the Red Army, but made 24 appearances 1 goals, not having period has also been on loan to Preston North end are 0 score, finally being sold at low prices in Hamburg. 40. Jon Dahl Tomasson Jon Dahl Tomasson, niukatuomasen in Milan, Feyenoord and Stuttgart have been successful, however, mediocre performance in the Premier League, in 1997, for 2.2 million pounds worth of old Club Sparta Prague of the Czech Republic's boss, has announced Court modernization initiative, aims to increase revenue. Under the plan, the project will begin in the spring of 2016. nike air max 90  Sparta Prague began to built business centre a stadium renovation project including reducing capacity, 1165 seats reduction to 18,251 seats. Which allows clubs to empty out 115000 square metres of space for new retail units. In addition, the new stadium also includes a handful of commercial stores, cinema, fitness club Sparta Prague are designed to generate new sources of income.

In fact, Mayer not only in more than 20 years when I commented, in his 2012-2013 became Bundesliga top scorer after the third pick of the season, was once optimistic about Meyer, national team of nearly 30 years. But Meyer, in the 2013-2014 season plagued by injuries, collapse of appearances throughout the season. But even so, Meyer or the Frankfurt 30 appearances that season scoring 15 goals 4 assists, in the Champions League on 7 of hisGoals and help the team achieved good results. But it is a pity that, Meyer was still with Germany national team no chance, he cannot take part in Brazil's World Cup. For the own goal, Meyer seemed unfazed, scoring is not the most important, the victory comes first. Winter break and I'm going to enjoy my life, I put on my running shoes to keep in shape. All in all, the most important point is: stay healthy. Is to the topic of top scorer, which is something I never cared, because cannon at the end of the season when Bayern players for certain prizes. Meyer said. But given the firepower relative dispersion in the Bayern team, Meyer may really surprise at end of season won the Bundesliga cannon.