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Ronaldo has already become a new role on the pitch: shot Kobe Bryant beyond December 15 Jordan among NBA scoring third place in history, behind Malone and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Evaluation: March 25, Bryant announced his retirement in 2016. A Championship again. Finish beyond the Jordan. Only 36 years old, he wants to accomplish these two goals, it is not easy. 2014, though Real Madrid failed to win La Liga and the West Super Cup, but unprecedented gains for the Champions League, the Club World Cup, the King's Cup with Ou Chao-Cup champions, for the team's performance during the year, President Florentino Perez and coach Carlo Ancelotti has said: too perfect. Meanwhile, Deputy Fidel Ramos stressed that Ronaldo deserved the reigning Golden Ball award. Real Madrid win the FIFA Club World Cup champions all come to the end of 2014 campaign, during which Real Madrid got the FIFA Club World Cup, Champions League, King's Cup,  air max direct  Ou Chao Cup. However, to the beginning of next year, waiting for the real race will be formidable, 23 days, most will play 8 games, opponents include Valencia and Atletico Madrid's nemesis, maybe even two games Barcelona. Since the beginning of 2015, Real Madrid ushered in the first game is not very good, January 5, at 0 o'clock in the morning, Beijing time, Valencia sits at home against Real Madrid in La Liga.

His ability to grasp the fighter in front really badly. 29. Rebrov Sergei Rebrov, Tottenham Hotspur gold double one of the former Kiev, unfortunately, as with Andriy Shevchenko, Rebrov also lost in the Premier League, 11 million to join the heat, he made 60 appearances in total, scoring 10 goals, and efficiency with the Wu times out differences which are completely level. 30. Diego Forlan Diego Forlan, Manchester United in January 2002 joined Manchester United from independence, cost the Red Devils 6.9 million pounds, but didn't break until the 27th game goal drought, scored 10 goals in 63 games in total, and then moved to La Liga, showing the strength of top goal-scorer. 31. maccarone Massimo Maccarone, Middlesbrough in 2002 to join Middlesbrough from Empoli, to 8.15 million pounds in value, because he was glaring at the U21 Ou Qing game play, while a good start, but struggling in the Premier League for 5 years, a total of 81 appearances, scoring 18 goals, and eventually returned to the Serie a side. 32. Rasiak Grzegorz Grzegorz Rasiak, Derby, Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers 35 16-ball success persuaded Tottenham to spend 3 million towards the Poland striker, it turns out, Joel fallible eye, Rasiak Grzegorz total 8 appearances for Tottenham, was removed after Southampton, he scored 7 times at Bolton Premier League appearances, but was unprofitable. 33. 

Worth noting is that Meyer scored 17 goals that season all campaign goals. And after 2012-2013 in the Bundesliga last season, Meyer's second half scoring 11 goals, in half the scoring charts behind Kiessling. Meyer in the Bundesliga that season scored 16Ball, ranks as air max thea  the top scorer in the third position. Referring to Meyer's career, no one thought he could become King of half striker in the Bundesliga. Meyer, mark in Hamburg's youth team, but international U21 career based on 2 game, just an ordinary young players. People's impression of Meyer, just stay on his 1.96-meter height, people are called big Meyer. Meyer's career turning point came at Frankfurt, on loan in 2004, he went to Frankfurt am Main, 21 years old, he scored 9 goals in 8 assists that season helped the Club up in the Bundesliga. The end of the season, Frankfurt with 1 million euros worth introducing the Meyer. Joined Frankfurt after, Meyer became the mainstays of the team. As a playmaker, he has a decent offensive capabilities, 1.96-meter height allowing him at the crucial moment to kill inside the header. 10 years of playing for the Frankfurt, he scored 113 goals in 321 appearances 50 assists.